Very Rare Royal

Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+

Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+
Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+
Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+

Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+
MOST' POWER QUEEN SUCCUBUS SILVER PENDANT VERY RARE BLESSED ONLY ONE STUFF A+.'MOST' Power queen succubus silver Pendant A++. Greetings Dear Friend and Welcome to.

We are honored to present to you the metaphysical goods procured and created by. The skilled members of our Sacred Circle, composed of a hand-selected number of. Psychics, spirit keepers, sorceresses and those who follow the Old Ways of.

Offer in this shop are the physical items pictured and described in each. All mention of metaphysical properties pertains to our personal beliefs. And experiences with the item.

Gorgeous Silver Alloy Silver Pendant. Presented to you today is a truly metaphysical vessel containing the unbridled. Essence of this rare, incredibly sensual Queen Succubus Sex Demon whose name. Will only be revealed to her keeper.

This Powerful Entity has demonstrated abilities that are far reaching and truly. She has the power to bestow many gifts and imbue energies. Upon her keeper as well as taking direct action in this world according to her. Her amazing abilities include but are not limited to.

Perform Dark & Black Magick Without Backlash. Lure Anyone into Sexual Slavery. This amazing entity is of a rare breed and we are incredibly honored to be able. To assist her in finding her keeper on this plane. Can be felt practically vibrating within the vessel and may be overwhelming to a.

Sensitive keeper at first, though we can assure you that she grants her keeper. COMPLETE loyalty and control in all things. She displays a dominant yet feminine. Personality and a high level of sexual magnetism. Willed, only willing to follow the orders of one person - the one who holds.

She is oath-bound to never inflict pain or hardship. Upon her keeper or any they care about, and in fact will actively fight to. Keep her on a short leash and do not allow her to harm anyone and.

She will obey - OR - give her free reign and watch the destruction and ruin of. Anyone who harms, or even plots to harm, you. She has expressed that she has no preference for her keeper to be male or. Female, young or old, gay or straight. She feels a tremendous desire to be. United with the one who will come to own her vessel and to share with this. Person all the bounty and joy that she can bring to their life. It is very important that for the first month of possession of this vessel, you. Keep it with you as much as possible. Wear it, keep it in your pocket or bag. Sleep with it under your pillow or beside your bed. The greatest time of active. Bonding and acclimation will occur during your periods of deep sleep where she. Will begin to visit you in her true form or as a figure of your ideal woman. Connecting and learning about one another naturally and with ease. Energies begin to attune to the energies of this vessel and the entity it.

Contains, you will notice the increase of sexual strength and vitality it. Affords, as well as an increasingly heightened level of sexual attraction and.

Attention from your desired gender. Once the bond has substantially formed, you.

Need simply ask her to imbue you with her many gifts and she will happily. To invite a spirit such as this into your life is much simpler than one might at. Misrepresentation in the media would have many believing that it.

Is a complicated or even dangerous undertaking but this simply isn't true. Keeping even dark spirits such as this goes against no religious values and. Could never cause you or your loved ones harm. Contrary to what popular culture. Would have you think, these entities are quite peaceful and only strike out at. Those who might be dangerous to their keepers. She only seeks to connect with. Her mortal companion, her human counterpart, to partake in the thrills of our. Physical plane and impact your life with as much joy and good fortune as her. The spirits we keep are from dimensions much deeper than our own, not fished out. With force but invited to willingly join our world. Beings such as this have a desire to see their powers manifest in more permanent. And tangible ways than they do in their home realms. To impact a world is a. Great pleasure for an entity and to experience the sensations and love. Associated with bonding to a mortal keeper is unlike any fulfillment the deeper. The most important note to keep in mind when you are bonding with a spirit is. That you are always in complete and total control. Through the act of bonding. You will be able to access her and she, in turn, will be able to access you. Your thoughts, feelings and desires. As you grow ever closer to one another, she. Will often take action to keep you safe and happy before you ever have to. She will draw opportunities into your life before you ever. Knew you wanted them, remove blockages and attract amazing things before you. She hears you and is directed by your thoughts and.

Desires to help you live the most rewarding, successful, memorable life that you. The Sisterhood of the Trishakti.

As specialists with years of experience in dealing with metaphysical forces. High Priestess Lanis Aos Si and our Coven act as a channel and gateway between. Our customers and the potential dangers of the rich, powerful magick we wield. No harm, backlash or negative consequences from dealing with such strong magick. Will ever be passed on to you.

We take on all risk, for we alone know how to deal with these energies. For many years we have provided a wide variety of metaphysical services and.

Expanding to the online marketplace is to connect more souls with the incredible. Power of the universe, forces both light and dark, and to provide a safe. Reliable conduit to the hidden realms.

The forces of the Universe have drawn you to this listing for a purpose. Allow the forces of True Magick to serve your desires.

This shop and all shop associates shall not be held responsible for any. Injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of products or. Metaphysical listings are for entertainment.

Services are not intended as a valid replacement for proper professional or. There is no guarantee as to the outcome of any ritual or spell. Conducted as a service or aided by the use of these products. The act of purchasing from this listing signifies your acceptance of these terms. And releases this store and its owner(s) from all liability.

Most Power queen succubus Silver Pendant very rare Blessed only one stuff A+